Monday, January 7, 2013

Jan 7/13

(13 not 12 weird, I can see me messing up the year on my lesson plans in the near future)

Hi! This is Makenzie! :) haven't been blogging in a while because we were busy moving into a new apartment. We didn't have internet for a while and we've been busy with work. ...also I don't know if much has happened that was blog worthy besides saying "hello".

Brodie and I are working on her 'thyme board' for the kindergarten. She's making it New Years thymed with the twelve zodiac animals. I think it's looking pretty good, I'll send pictures when it's done.

We had to make a sudden trip to Hong Kong to renew our visas. Kelly reminded me because he had to renew his and didn't want to go alone. I thought I had an alarm set on my phone's calendar to warn me when we needed to go but apparently I didn't so we had to rush. It was kind of stressful and we were a bit low on money because of the move. We were going to get payed on Sunday but we had to go on Friday.. dang! When we were at the train in Guangzhou waiting to go to Hong Kong we ran into Allayna (Two more people and ACT group will be complete!! bwahahaha). Everything worked out just fine though. I discovered that there are two parts to Hong Kong, the main land (kowloon) and the island. The mainland is where we get the visa stuff done and the island likes to think of themselves as separate from China. they don't really like China too much.

the only issue we had was after we picked up our visas and went back to the train station. the visas were finished at 6pm and the next train left at 6:44pm. After grabbing our visas we hurried back to the train station and discovered that the 6:44 train and the one following it were completely sold out.. AHHH!!! we ended up taking the metro to another city called Shenjen and taking a train from there home. It was late when we finally got home but i was happy we made it at all that night. If we had to stay in Hong Kong Paul told Allayna that he had friends who lived there that the group of us could stay with instead of renting a hotel room.

Well I have been running around near constantly this week and last so I am tired and ready to sleep.

I love  and miss you all and will be blogging really soon.
Thanks for being so patient with my lack-of-blog =S

Thanks for reading.