Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 10th Blog entry:


Okay this week has been a bit complicated. First off we went to sign contracts. Paul talked to each of us and gave us the option of where we could work. Oliver and Allayna got contracts to work at Tianhe, Tomi is now working at a kindergarten that we've never been to and Kelly went to a brand new training center that just opened up.  Kenzie and I wanted to go to a kindergarten but there were only training centers left (Tomi go first dibs at the kindergarten because she wants to make a career out of it). So the options we were left with were to work at training centers or (if they had 2 spots open) move to Foshan to work at the kindergarten there (it's like 90min away by train). We told Paul that we would probably be willing to move in order to get a kindergarten so he looked into what our options were. Two days later he contacted us. We had spent those two days figuring out where we wanted to go (and buying groceries and a backpack because the shoulder strap bags were killing my back XP) and we had talked to one of our neighbors who warned us that Foshan  kind of  sucks to live if you're used to being able to find foreign stores, and things like that (I've been kind of depending on foreign stores) so we wanted to go and check out Foshan for ourselves to see if we'd be willing to live there... we had no clue how to get there so after about an hour of searching the internet and maps for bus and train routs (and an address to the school) we finally gave up (but we decided that we want to go see Foshan before we come back to Canada). So Paul got back to us and said there were 4 spots open. Unfortunately it was 1 at Foshan, 1 at Agile (the kindergarten we've been going to all month) 1 at Tian he and 1 at Leide. The only course of action that made any sense was to take the two training centers so our schedule's would at least some what match up. Kenzie took Leide (because that's Dogs training center and Dog scares me. But Kenzie isn't bothered by him and he actually requested that she work at his training center so it worked out) and I took Tian he (which was where I wanted to work in the first place three weeks ago when I wanted to work at a training center). 

Paul said that January is the end of the semester and there's a possibility that kindergarten positions will open up. He's going to keep us posted on that. 

-Love Brodie

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